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Which Camper Van hire is best for me?

If you are looking in to camper van hire, there is a good chance you're struggling at choosing between all the different types of campers out there. Do you do with the ubiquitous VW campervan hire, either old or new? Do you go with a larger style 'Motorhome'? Or do you go for something a bit different? We've got experience with all (and we may be a little bias) but we definitely have our preference!

Defenders offer something the others just can't match, character. We see it so often when our guests leave, and they actually do like to give our Belles a hug, especially Silver Belle. The Defenders just have something about them that makes it special. It's hard to explain, but even working with a fleet of Land Rover Defenders, we're never bored of driving them. The high seating position, the extra quirks, and the feeling of connection with the road that is missing from more modern machines, just makes for a greater adventure. If you couple that with awnings, endless carrying capacity and go anywhere prowess, it truly is a great experience.

All our Defender Campers have their advantages and as a company we are pleased to be able to offer a variety of options for different needs. We are fortunate to have three different roof types on our three different defenders. We have a side opening Dormobile roof, a classic front hinged roof and a top brand iKamper roof tent.

Silver has a front hinged roof with canvas surround that creates a true Overland camper feel. She was built for African trips and has a rugged appeal. With her new canvas for 2024, you can wake up and unzip the window to lie in bed and watch the sunrise, or after your evening meal, snuggle in to bed in summer to enjoy the sunset views. A comfortable mattress and warm roof mean she's a camper for all seasons.

Blue has a side opening Dormobile roof, similar to many VWs and 1960s classic Fords. The roof gives you 7 feet of headroom and allows sleeping for 2 more in the bunk beds up top (that double up as excellent shelves), with a double bed below. Add to that an internal heater, and you have a warm and cosy camper with an internal kitchen. She's a great mix of motorhome comforts with Defender practicality. We proudly had a 92 year old guest this year take her out for 3 days and nights with his son and grandson and report back that she was very comfortable!

Cherry has what is now considered a conventional set up for a Land Rover camper with her Rooftop tent. It is the style you frequently see if you look for a camper hire in Scotland. We've opted for the iKamper for a reason, with it's easy 1 minute up and 1 minute down tent. If you have knowledge of roof tents, you'll know that hard shell tents are easy up and easy down, without the need to clamber all over the vehicle you have with an older soft shell design. They are the market leaders for a reason and easily have sleeping room for 4 adults (think 5 man tent size).

All our campers are designed to be set up in under 5 minutes, from park up, roof up, awning out and chairs around the fire with a drink in hand. With easy set up and our full camping itinerary, you can relax and enjoy your adventure. If you're looking for a camper to hire, we've got great options for you.

Dan and the Team

"Excellent weekend with my Dad and Grandad (92 years old, confirmed the oldest defender camper customer) great fun to drive, made lots of great memories. Smooth pick up and drop off. Great adventure highly recommended"


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