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Winter Camping

Why ever would you go camping in Winter? Well from those that know, Winter is one of the best times for camping. You may give that Wild swim a miss, but there is no reason not to visit an amazing Wild Swim spot. You may also notice the lack of tourists hanging around and blocking your photos of the stunning scenery.

We love a bit a winter camping and are ourselves off to the Lake District this year to spend some well earned R&R amongst the stunning scenery (and sheep). Last Year we took Blue Belle to Snowdonia to enjoy a few days away with campfires, cheesy chips and some good pubs along the way. The climb up Snowdonia was even better with a crisp and clear sunny day you can only get in the cooler months. Even better was the lack of tourists along the way. Next Year we'll likely be off for a winter jaunt to Switzerland (again!)

So importantly, what should you take Winter camping with you? Lets start with the vehicle, although you already know what I'm going to recommend there... Our Land Rovers are all different, with their own unique characters, but all offer different advantages over other vehicles. Blue is usually our Defender of choice in the cooler months due to her inbuilt night heater. The Webasto Thermostatic night heater allows you to set a comfortable temperature overnight, meaning you can snuggle in and get toasty. You can then make a cup of tea and porridge in the morning from your warm bed, perfect winter camping.

You'll need all your usual camping gear, but don't forget your most important Winter essentials, the Firepit and the wood. Evenings around the fire are what winter camping are all about. Make sure you have enough wood to last each evening for a few hours. Blankets (and cuddle buddies) are recommended to add warmth and snuggles. You'll likely want a second blanket for cover on your sleeping bag, as your fireside blanket may get a little smoky. Talking of sleeping bags, this is again essential to get right. A nice warm 4 season winter sleeper will keep you warm over night and is even better with a toasty hot water bottle added in. All our winter campers come with firepits, wood and hot water bottles to ensure you stay warm and cosy.

A good warm but light coat will be the first thing you will pack, other than that you want layers and layers. Good socks and waterproofs are also important items to add in too. It takes a lot to warm up cold toes, so pack warm, ideally wool socks, plenty of pairs and keep them dry. Footwear must be waterproof and have a couple of pairs, again they can be hard to dry, so bring good walking boots/shoes and even a pair of wellies if you're heading on to the Moors.

An essential part of any trip is warm and tasty food. Slow cooked food over the fire is the best, but winter pub food in Devon and Cornwall can be irresistible, with winter warmer specials often on the menu. Of course you can't forget the best winter warmers, the Hot Chocolate with rum and the mulled cider or wine, all perfect to have around the night time fire pit. We recommend Sheppy's Winter Spiced Cider for a perfect winter warmer.

Anyone looking to go camping in the South West in Winter can have a bespoke Holiday arranged by us with winter warmers and recommendations. We're happy to put together the perfect winter tour for you. Blue Belle is available from £120 a night this Autumn and Winter (Firepit, wood and hot water bottle included). Drop us a message if you're looking for a snuggly winter getaway.

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