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Roof Tents

We are excited to offer our own Hannibal Roof Tent to rent on a nightly basis, should you want to go adventuring in your own vehicle.​

Our tent has a great history, having been used to circumnavigate the globe on more than one occasion. It has been reconditioned and personalised and is ready for you to take on your own adventure.

Our Hannibal Impi can be fitted to any vehicle, with most roof bar or rack system - from a V.W. Golf, to the serious off-road vehicle. A great feature on the Impi is the rain shelter on the front door. This keeps the rain out the tent when entering or leaving.

The low profile glass fibre design of the Impi keeps wind noise to a minimum, resulting in not only more pleasant travelling, but also the most fuel efficient tent design on the market.

The Impi has been designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. It has three access doors, each with mosquito netting, for maximum ventilation. The standard Hannibal quality mattress guarantees your comfort - 75mm high density foam, with a100% cotton cover.

Why a Roof Tent?

Image by Jorgen Hendriksen
Image by Jorgen Hendriksen

Quick to set up

A Roof Tent can be up in Minutes (See video above). Great if you're moving around to different locations and need to pack up and de-camp quickly.


More Comfortable

Thick insulating mattress makes for a warmer and more comfortable night's sleep. Our roof tent has room to sit up/crouch and move around (and play cards or snuggle in for a movie)

Sleeping above Ground

Keep bugs and pests out, sleeping in a higher position. Roof tents originated in countries where there are critters bigger and scarier than here in England!


More Security

Keeping your belongings locked in your car as you sleep up top is safer


Warmer Camping

With an Insulated Fibreglass roof and base and a thick mattress, our Roof tent is warmer than a conventional tent. The Canvas sides provide cover from the elements


All year camping

Roof tents allow for all year round camping, keeping you warm in Winter and cooler in Summer


Space Saving

Pack your bedding inside the tent as you travel, saving space in your car and ensuring your bed is ready quickly as you set up

Great views

Roof tents offer elevated views. Great for Coastal camping, animal, bird and marine life watching. You always have the best seat in the house.


Great for Stargazing

We love Lying out in the tent with a Hot Chocolate, family and the stars for company. A perfect way to enjoy your evenings before snuggling in.

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